It’s becoming clear, this life, our purpose on earth. I can see what happens. I see through unclouded eyes, what is most important.

I watched my dad’s health and life deteriorate. His fragile body, lying there. What became crucial, was my Love for him, our family gathered around, Love, in general. The rest of “life” was just put on hold. It endured without us.

It was a strenuous time, as we stood around our father, holding on to each other, while taking turns supporting mum. After several sleepless nights we watched with disbelief, as dad slowly and peacefully left us.

I watch my mum now. Sitting, waiting, alone, after 65 years with her soul mate. Most of her possessions have become obsolete, not required. They are no longer desirable, she is discarding them. Her faith and her family are all that matter now, peace in her soul, comfort and rest.

Mum shares her faith and Love with everyone she meets. She holds her bible close to her heart. Inside, is a picture of my dad Angelo, with his big warm smile. There is also a picture of Jesus. Although missing dad dearly, she has much to be thankful for.

None of the ”stuff” that we live with and stress over really matters. The work, the cleaning, the shopping, the holidays, the games we play, the things we juggle. When it all comes down, we leave everything behind. And the only thing that matters, is the Love we shared, the compassion in our hearts, the holding of one another up and the sharing of our blessings. Love ! Because in the end, everything else, our possessions, are all left behind. Insignificant.

Today I sit at my computer contemplating over my words. More than 2 months have passed since mum went to be with dad and her creator. I am deeply saddened by my mum’s passing, but I am also overjoyed that she is finally where she longed to be.

It was unsettling to watch mum quietly suffer. She never showed it, always welcoming me with a huge smile on my weekly visits to the nursing home. When it was time to leave for the almost 2 hour journey back home, I would hug her closely, lingering. I hated leaving mum there, her small frail body sinking into the chair. But she was contented, and always counted her blessings. I would often cry on my drive back to Melbourne, remembering the good times we once all shared together. Oh mum, how I miss our long talks. Dad, I miss your angelic voice as you sung and played your accordion.

I’m fortunate, I have 5 beautiful sisters to help through this grieving process of losing both our parents so close together. It’s a strange feeling, almost one of an orphan, being slightly lost. But it has brought our family closer together. I feel an overwhelming sense of love overflowing,  like never before. We don’t all live nearby, our meetings are scarce at times, but the bond we share is huge.

It’s all about Love. Be there for someone and Love.